Model Development

The Connections Lab is working on specific and testable models of implementation. We are currently writing up a series of articles directly relevant to the Open Source Analogy Model of implementation (OSAM). The logic of the Connections Lab is that knowing what works is insufficient for either practical clinical problem solving or for theory development. Knowing what works is simply a proof of concept. To be effective, there must be evidence supporting for whom the intervention is effective, under what conditions, under what context, what culture, what level of resources, and what developmental level. Even more importantly there must be evidence supporting how an intervention is to be implemented. Without this information, and intervention that may be called an evidence-based is little more than a piece of paper. The purpose of the models of implementation developed at the Connections Lab is to turn research projects into actionable information that can support teachers, therapists, families, and children.

Sports Applications

Several members of the Connections Lab are applying constructs developed from the meta-academic model of resilience building to coaching of team sports. We have multiple projects related to positive youth development, meta-academic skill teaching, resilience promotion, leadership development, attachment, and sports identity. The goal is to apply the coaching relationship to promote school engagement, resilience, social skills, executive processes, and other generalization of skills learned through sports.

Additional Applications

The Connections Lab tests the generalizability and utility of models of implementation in a variety of projects and populations. The logic is that the robustness and validity of the construct are best measured by applying these models across languages, cultures, populations, problems, systems, and other approaches. In addition to sports, currently we have projects related to promoting resilience skills to recent immigrants to Canada, teaching self-monitoring to adolescents with diabetes, adolescents at risk for mental health issues, and other applications.